BodyBell Method

$349.00 $299.00

BBM Level 1

The BodyBell Method is a common-sense approach to strength and fitness with longevity and progression in mind. Developed by Phil Ross, MS, RKC Master Kettlebell Trainer, Martial Arts Master, ACE CPT and Wellness and Exercise Professor. As a master trainer and educator in multiple disciplines, the methodology employed has been successfully applied to athletes of all levels, law enforcement and military personnel, and fitness enthusiasts of ages and abilities. All levels of the BBM are priced consistently.


BBM Level 2, LIVE May 2nd!

$299.00 Early Bird Until April 30th! $349.00 Afterward

All Prerecorded Virtual are $299.00

The event is open to anyone who wishes to participate, but to qualify as a certified BBM Level 2 Elite Instructor, see below:

How to qualify for Level 2 Certification.

1) Have completed the BBM L1 Certification (in person or online prior to Level 2.

2) Be either RKC Level 1 or 2 or SFG Level 1 or 2 certified.

3) Pass the Level 1 Certification Entrance Movements.

Here’s how to register for in person:


Here’s how to register for Virtual: https://app.ubqfit.net/live-sessions/view/bodybell-method-level-2-elite